About Us

Pc Freak Web Solutions was created in 2017 by two close friends to incorporate there long year experience into a Solution projects. 
Our goal for further examining the Unknown fields of growing security and IT technology lead us to work on a project aiming to provide customers with maximum security.

We do not offer our clients products but Complete System Solutions.
We believe products depend factors, often the customer cannot control and most of the customers are not interested to know anything about IT, they just want their Solution and Want it here and now, don’t caring much on how it is implemented.

Once we complete a consultancy and audit of a business and an IT infrastructure and we understand the clients non-IT systems and Logic,
we offer one end to end solution to solve it all and reduce the customer costs and operational efforts.

So far we at Pc Freak Solutions  have a long years experience with  solving IT problems of leading corporations around the world mostly in Green Energy Business, but we have also created a small and robust solutions for a small and middle sized clients and we believe, we can do it for you too!